Supported Tokens

A specification of tested middleware/hardware.


    Description: PKI middleware that have support for tokens from multiple vendors.
    PKCS11 Name:
    PKCS11 Versions: ( is under development)
    Supported Tokens:

      • Blank SetCos 4.4.1 that can be reinitialized.
      • It is planned to implement support for Siemens 4.3b as well.
    Token Implementations: org.hardtokenmgmt.core.token.NetIdSetCos441Token
    Comment: Requires HTMF to find the location of the NetId configuration file, were it temporary writes a part of the instructions before
                    they are excecuted by the PKCS11. NetId tend to change the location and name of this file in every new version they make so
                    make sure the class NetIdConnector contains the appropriate paths.


    Description: Setecs (now Gemalto) old CSP/PKCS11 that they have stopped maintaining.
    PKCS11 Name: SetToki.dll
    PKCS11 Versions:
    Supported Tokens:
      • SecCos 431, InstantEID IP1 formatted : Works, cannot be reformatted, don't support removal of keys
      • SecCos 441, InstantEID IP2 formatted : Works, cannot be reformatted, supports removal of keys

    Token Implementations: org.hardtokenmgmt.core.token.SetCos441InstantEIDToken           
In order for SetWeb PKCS11 to work with multiple PIN must the registry settings
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Setec\SetTokI\config\flags be set to 880 and
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Setec\SetTokI\config\virtualslotcount to 1.

Gemalto Classic Client

Description:    Will soon start implementing support from Gemalto Classic Client together with their Classic TPC Java Cards with Applet V3.
More information will be published soon.