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Old Issues

Here is a list of old issues fixed in our previous issue tracking system, (up to 1.1.5)

Released 1.1.5 ( 30/Jun/09 | Release Notes)
Ev. Bugfixes
   Improvement HTMF-137 FIXED Support multiple pkcs11 locations Major Closed
Released 1.1.4 ( 22/Apr/09 | Release Notes)

   Bug HTMF-134 FIXED Problem with Renew page, the two users with similar unique Id could be swapped Major Resolved
   Improvement HTMF-135 FIXED Support MS VPN Client certificate order on card Major Resolved
   Improvement HTMF-136 FIXED Support prepare secondary node in htmf-setup Major Resolved
   Task HTMF-97 FIXED Update documentation Major Resolved
   New Feature HTMF-133 FIXED Create a sample User Data Source Major Closed
Released 1.1.3 ( 06/Mar/09 | Release Notes)
Minor bugfixes
   Bug HTMF-132 FIXED Bugg in PIN checking if unblock PIN is called twice Major Closed
   Bug HTMF-131 FIXED ant deploy doesn't include customproperties Major Closed
Released 1.1.2 ( 19/Feb/09 | Release Notes)
Bugfixes over 1.1.1
   Bug HTMF-123 FIXED Bug reactivating windows admin card remotely Major Resolved
   Bug HTMF-130 FIXED Bug when writing to a iid.ini file without the [SetCos 4.4.1] section Major Resolved
   New Feature HTMF-126 FIXED Build tool to initialize card Major Resolved
   Bug HTMF-129 FIXED Enter as Tab doesn't work in PIN unblock page Major Resolved
   Improvement HTMF-127 FIXED Improved token test script, customized for each implementation. Major Resolved
   Improvement HTMF-128 FIXED Improved TokenTest tool, that tests each type of token separately Minor Resolved
   Task HTMF-125 FIXED Remove all NSIS related installation packages, only java web start build from now on Minor Resolved
Released 1.1.1 ( 06/Feb/09 | Release Notes)
Minor buggfixes to 1.1
   Bug HTMF-115 FIXED Activate card remotely doesn'twork with setmslogononhold set to default false Major Resolved
   Bug HTMF-114 FIXED Card reactivation isn't refreshed to new page Major Resolved
   Improvement HTMF-122 FIXED Improved support for external numpad Major Resolved
   Bug HTMF-103 FIXED Reactivate card page doesn't display SN Major Resolved
   Improvement HTMF-124 FIXED Reorder the default order of basic certificates for MS VPN support Major Resolved
   Bug HTMF-116 FIXED SQLUserDataSource should support disable of removeUserData Major Resolved
   Bug HTMF-121 FIXED Temporary card not revoked when not using SN in DN. Major Resolved
   Bug HTMF-117 FIXED htmf cant find iid.ini if users APPDATA directory is not directly under USERHOME Major Resolved
   Bug HTMF-118 NOT NEEDED TO FIX htmf send's a ERROR not able to find department even though it's not used Major Resolved
   Bug HTMF-113 CANNOT REPRODUCE It is possible to renew a revoked card Major Resolved
   Bug HTMF-119 FIXED Remove boks tooltip on normal card page Trivial Resolved
Released 1.1 ( 15/Jan/09 | Release Notes)
Feature release
   Improvement HTMF-111 FIXED Add access to userdatasources into standard tolima key ceremony Major Resolved
   Improvement HTMF-112 FIXED Add certificate SN as option when checking for AdminCert in card readers Major Resolved
   Task HTMF-71 FIXED Change Java Web Start URL from /ejbca/hardtokenmgmt to /htmf Major Resolved
   Task HTMF-89 FIXED Change misspelled Managment to Management i source headers. Major Resolved
   Improvement HTMF-75 FIXED Configureable to disable non-admin functionality Major Resolved
   Improvement HTMF-74 FIXED Configureable to issue only ordinary cards Major Resolved
   Improvement HTMF-77 FIXED Consultant card optionable Major Resolved
   New Feature HTMF-82 FIXED Create card should have selectable PIN Major Resolved
   Bug HTMF-88 FIXED Creating sparecard using colleague doesn't seem to revoke old spare cards. Major Resolved
   Improvement HTMF-90 FIXED Custom Focus Traversal Policy Major Resolved
   Improvement HTMF-108 FIXED EnterKey should traverse focus when entering PIN Major Resolved
   Bug HTMF-98 FIXED Error parsing applet size in global.conf with space i value Major Resolved
   Bug HTMF-104 FIXED Error, SN is not normalized when addind a new user. Major Resolved
   Improvement HTMF-76 FIXED Functionality to issue "admin" cards Major Resolved
   New Feature HTMF-96 FIXED General SQL UserDataSource Major Resolved
   New Feature HTMF-95 FIXED General User Data Source Package Major Resolved
   Improvement HTMF-79 FIXED Improve Swedish Personal Number management Major Resolved
   Improvement HTMF-84 FIXED Improve create card progress bar to be more smooth Major Resolved
   Improvement HTMF-92 FIXED Improve default check of swedish personal number Major Resolved
   New Feature HTMF-72 FIXED Initial Checkin of MailSigner Management Console Major Resolved
   New Feature HTMF-70 FIXED Initial support for WSRA WebService Major Resolved
   Bug HTMF-99 FIXED Keyceremony creates eID profile without email modifiable Major Resolved
   Improvement HTMF-91 FIXED Move rewew page button from view card to other actions Major Resolved
   Bug HTMF-87 FIXED PUK is lost when card is renewed Major Resolved
   Improvement HTMF-102 FIXED Possiblity to remove "enter name manually" checkbox even though UserDataSources are used. Major Resolved
   Bug HTMF-83 FIXED Pressing enter key on logonpage doesn't give any feedback to the user Major Resolved
   Bug HTMF-106 FIXED Problems with issuing windows administrator cards Major Resolved
   Improvement HTMF-69 FIXED Remove requirement of EJBCA source Major Resolved
   Task HTMF-80 FIXED Restructure buttons on pages Major Resolved
   Improvement HTMF-109 FIXED Search for admin card by UID instead of CN or SN Major Resolved
   Bug HTMF-107 FIXED Setting a PIN of 8 numbers locked the card after analysis. Major Resolved
   New Feature HTMF-85 FIXED Support "Same PIN" usage, where basic and signature PINs are set to the same value Major Resolved
   New Feature HTMF-81 FIXED Support for PrimeCard HSM in EJBCA Key Ceremony Script Major Resolved
   Improvement HTMF-78 FIXED Temporary card optionable Major Resolved
   Bug HTMF-100 FIXED Use UID if SN is empty when displaying data Major Resolved
   Bug HTMF-101 FIXED on "spärra and radera kort" the warning-label is malplaced Major Resolved
   Bug HTMF-86 FIXED renew page should display that an expired card have expired, not that it's about to expire Major Resolved
   Bug HTMF-105 NOT NEEDED TO FIX Add RFC822Name in Subject Alt Name for the SC20 key ceremony Major Resolved
   Bug HTMF-110 NOT NEEDED TO FIX Renewal gives Nullpoiner exception when using UID instead of SN, Test case 7 fail Major Resolved
Released 1.0.1 ( 30/Nov/08 | Release Notes)
Bugfix release
   Improvement HTMF-66 FIXED Center new window on desktop on start-up Major Resolved
   Bug HTMF-61 FIXED Erase cards which are not in the database Major Resolved
   Bug HTMF-67 FIXED Problem for non-admin to reissue card that haven't expired. Major Resolved
   Bug HTMF-62 FIXED Problem issue Temporary cards by regular users Major Resolved
   Bug HTMF-63 FIXED Problems logging in as card admin after regular user. Major Resolved
   Bug HTMF-64 CANNOT REPRODUCE Problem reissuing a card with a locked PIN Major Resolved
Released 1.0 ( 29/Jun/08 | Release Notes)

   Improvement HTMF-56 FIXED Add basic pin parameter to IToken.removeObject Major Resolved
   New Feature HTMF-55 FIXED AutoLogon controller through PKCS11 Major Resolved
   Bug HTMF-52 FIXED Key ceremoni parts does not compile with java 1.5 Major Resolved
   Improvement HTMF-54 FIXED Replace Applet Support with Java Web Start Major Resolved
   Improvement HTMF-60 FIXED Support for uninitialized SetCos 4.4.1 cards using NetID Major Resolved
   Improvement HTMF-53 FIXED Support to only return the 8 significant SerialNumbers of HardTokenSN Major Resolved
   Bug HTMF-58 FIXED Swedish characters in doesn't work well in linux Major Resolved
   Bug HTMF-57 CANNOT REPRODUCE When waiting for PIN unblock approval, the wrong text is displayed for the user. Major Resolved
   Bug HTMF-59 FIXED Card/Certificate information not cleared when card is revoked Minor Resolved
Released 1.0 Beta7 ( 20/Apr/08 | Release Notes)

   Improvement HTMF-49 FIXED Add analyse and redirect of "on hold" cards Major Resolved
   Bug HTMF-38 FIXED Bad card analysing in non-admin issue sparecard page. Major Resolved
   Bug HTMF-36 FIXED Bad card analysing in non-admin unlock PUK page. Major Resolved
   Improvement HTMF-37 FIXED Better errormessage if the administrators card was revoked Major Resolved
   Improvement HTMF-31 FIXED CRL Update service not configured during key ceremony Major Resolved
   Improvement HTMF-48 FIXED Change behaviour of issuing temporary cards and reactivating them Major Resolved
   Bug HTMF-40 FIXED EJBCA_Exception while issuing a ordinary card Major Resolved
   Improvement HTMF-44 FIXED Make it configurable to hide 'delete user' option in block card page Major Resolved
   Improvement HTMF-50 FIXED Minimize the number of isAuthorized WS calls Major Resolved
   Improvement HTMF-9 FIXED NSIS installers should be possible to be compiled in linux Major Resolved
   Bug HTMF-34 FIXED Non-Admin sparecard and card unlock funktionality doesn't work after restart. Major Resolved
   Improvement HTMF-35 FIXED Non-Admin sparecard issuers shouldn't have to enter the name of the user again after restart. Major Resolved
   Bug HTMF-51 FIXED Not possible to generate DomainController certificate from the default keyceremony installation Major Resolved
   Bug HTMF-33 FIXED Notification URL doesn't work after ToLiMa key ceremony Major Resolved
   Bug HTMF-29 FIXED PIN configuration isn't the same for renew certificate page as for create Major Resolved
   Bug HTMF-39 FIXED Problem with reissuing Major Resolved
   Bug HTMF-32 FIXED SOAP exception when issuing spare cards remotely Major Resolved
   Bug HTMF-30 FIXED renew certificates with netid sometimes gives tokenexception DEVICE_ERROR Major Resolved
   Improvement HTMF-42 FIXED Make it configureable to mark "certificate on hold" on ordinary card when issuing sparecard Minor Resolved
   Improvement HTMF-45 FIXED After unlocking there is no "you can remove the card now" message Trivial Resolved
   Bug HTMF-41 FIXED Wrong label when issuing a card Trivial Resolved
   Bug HTMF-47 FIXED Wrong labels when revoking without card Trivial Resolved
Released 1.0 Beta6 ( 17/Sep/07 | Release Notes)

   Bug HTMF-25 FIXED Bug in Determine CardStatus, nullpointer when anayling card personalized in another card system Major Resolved
   Bug HTMF-26 FIXED Bug when blocking card that is already revoke, Doesn't catch AlreadyRevokedException Major Resolved
   Improvement HTMF-27 FIXED Possible to have one of the PIN randomly generated Major Resolved
   Bug HTMF-28 FIXED Sometimes the Jax-Ws part of the applet thows Nullpointer exception Major Resolved
Released 1.0 Beta5 ( 07/Sep/07 | Release Notes)

   Bug HTMF-23 FIXED Activate card page is not initialized after second card in analyser. Major Closed
   Improvement HTMF-22 FIXED applet title should be configurable in Minor Closed
Released 1.0 Beta4 ( 04/Sep/07 | Release Notes)

   Bug HTMF-1 FIXED Faulty OperationNotSupportedException during card analyses Major Resolved
   Bug HTMF-20 FIXED In the wait for approval page is sometimes the Id displayed as negative Major Resolved
   Bug HTMF-19 FIXED Wrong application URL in installation package Major Resolved
   Improvement HTMF-21 NOT ABLE TO FIX Optional connection to CAPI to remove certificates in registry that is removed from token Major Resolved
Released 1.0 Beta3 ( 23/Aug/07 | Release Notes)

   Bug HTMF-16 FIXED Administrator settings doens't save in the applet Major Resolved
   Bug HTMF-13 FIXED Analysis of nonunloaded PUK data cards displays wrong info Major Resolved
   Bug HTMF-15 FIXED Renewal Page isn't removed from the cache Major Resolved
   Improvement HTMF-17 FIXED Tooltip for buttongs in InverstigateCard page Major Resolved
   Bug HTMF-18 FIXED Wrong button background color in reactivate card view Major Resolved
   Bug HTMF-14 FIXED noadmin cannot enter name when user data source is disabled Major Resolved
Released 1.0 Beta2 ( 21/Aug/07 | Release Notes)

   Bug HTMF-10 FIXED Applet works badly when closing and reloading the page Major Closed
   New Feature HTMF-12 FIXED Check if card data is uploaded to DB during analysis Major Closed
   Bug HTMF-11 FIXED Only jdk 1.6 can be used to build, Arrays method used not supported in 1.5 Major Closed
   Improvement HTMF-8 FIXED Support certificates generated by other CAs Major Closed
   Bug HTMF-2 FIXED Wrong error message analysing card Major Closed
Released 1.0 Beta1 ( 02/Aug/07 | Release Notes)

   Bug HTMF-3 FIXED Class not found issuing temporary cards remotely Major Closed
   Task HTMF-7 FIXED Create a release script Major Closed
   Improvement HTMF-5 FIXED Make Activation optional Major Closed
   Improvement HTMF-4 FIXED Make User Data Source optional Major Closed
   Task HTMF-6 FIXED Make user id validation generic Major Closed