Hard Token Management Framework Features

The Core Hard Token Management Framework is a set of API used to simplify the development of Token Management applications. It contains:
  • A Java Web Start application that is updated automatically on the clients.
  • API for simple calls to the tokens, such as 'getCertificates', 'changePIN' etc
  • WS API to access the CA for generating certificate, fetching PUK data and so on
  • API for storing information locally on the computer such as administrator settings
  • API for logging
  • API for statistics and report generation.
  • A lot of related util tools.
  • See Developers Manual for more details about the API

'ToLiMa' Application Suite Features

ToLiMa is a ready made application suite using the Hard Token Management Framework and is designed to be flexible enough to fit into several organizations needs.

To see ToLiMa in action see the flash demo or the screen shots.

ToLiMa currently have the following features:

  • Issuing cards with 1 or more certificates
  • Support for 2 PIN, basic and signature
  • Contains a 'Card Analyser' that analyses the card for the card administrator to give a suggestion of what is wrong with the card
  • Possibilty to issue ordinary, temporary and project cards with different validities
  • When a ordinary or project card is generated is all previous cards revoked
  • When a temporary card is issued is the ordinary card set on hold until the ordinary card is reactivated
  • Userdata is fetched from existing user data source.
  • Possibility to unlock cards without exposing the PUK. The PUK is stored encrypted in EJBCA database.
  • Easy to renew an expiring card
  • Cards not used anymore can be revoked and ereased.
  • It is also possible for a card administrator to do some management remotely (without having the card) such as revoking and activating a ordinary card.
  • For 24/7 working environments where a card administrator might not be available it is possible for a colleague to issue a 'card unlock' or 'issue temporary' card request that is sent to a central support unit for approval
  • TaLiMa also have error reporting functionality where unexpected error can be sent to the technical administrators for analysis

Administration Console Features

The framework also comes with an administration console used to control the most common techical administration operations of the system such as
host monitoring, CA activation and managing administrative priviledges. The administration console is new in 1.2 release. See Screenshots for more an overview.