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How does the caching work

New in 1.4.7 and 1.5.3 is a basic Caching API based on the apache JCS library.

The caching API with a basic configuration is disabled by default to speed things up in the administration console. To
switch it on set the global setting 'htmfws.cache.use" set to 'true'

Important: All Cache related settings must be configured for 'All organizations' no organization specific configuration is supported. 
After changing the settings to the Cache API is a restart required.

Admin Cache API

Currently there only exists one type of cache and that is for administration data. This to speed up deployments with several hundreds of administrators and where it takes minutes to calculate the administrator rights for all users within an organization.

Using the cache this is reduced to a few seconds.

Reload Cache Manually
It is possible to send a resync signal to the cache API in order to reload all settings. The resync will be performed in the background and the result is sent to the application server log file.

By default is only 'localhost' authorized to issue a resync command but it is possible to enable other hosts by setting the global property 'htmfws.cache.authorizedips' which should contain a ';' separated list of authorized IP addresses.


Configuring the Cache API
The default JCS configuration is for single node configuration with no replication between nodes, this configuration works will in single-node and hot-standby setups where one node constantly holds the VIP. For a full cluster setup see the JCS documentation to setup replicaiton configuration.

The default configuration is: