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Version 1.3. What will be new

posted 5 Sep 2009, 09:04 by Philip Vendil   [ updated 5 Sep 2009, 22:22 ]

Work of version 1.3 of HTMF have just been started.

New features that we will focus on in this release will be:
  • Support for auto-enrolment of 802.1x machine certificates (soft tokens), mainly on windows. Why we add this to the project is that we think it is a requirement in order to have SmartCard authenticated 802.1x in practice.
  • News support in Admin Console, I will write separately about this later.
  • Basic Printing support, in the beginning PDF form templates should be supported.

Feel free to add feedback of features you would like to see in this or future versions.

Version 1.2.x Branched from Trunk

posted 5 Sep 2009, 08:43 by Philip Vendil

Version 1.2 is now ready for beta testing and have been branched
from trunk in order to allow development for 1.3 to begin.

See roadmap for the features in 1.3.

Version 1.1.6

posted 5 Sep 2009, 08:41 by Philip Vendil

I have just taged version 1.1.6 with support for NetId It will
be released properly as soon as it have been tested properly
in the acceptance test environment.

Version 1.2 is coming up

posted 21 Aug 2009, 04:59 by Philip Vendil

Version 1.2 will contain a lot of new features. Most notably the administrative console that can be previewed in the Screenshot section.

A more detailed list of features will follow upon release.

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